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Migrations: A Novel 
by Charlotte McConaghy

After a year of staying at home, I needed to get out and away, as far as humanly possible, if only in the universe of my imagination, and I found a way to do this by reading Charlotte McConaghy’s exquisite novel.  In it, we follow Franny Stone on a boat headed to the edge of the world, and the landscape and wildlife imagery is spectacularly-wrought.  Set in a world where most animals have become extinct, or are the last of their kind, Franny Stone is on a quest to follow the last Arctic terns on their final migration to Antarctica.  It’s a survival journey, an escape, and also a return, as we learn about Franny’s past, we try to piece together the mystery of her present, and we worry for not only her future, but the future of our entire world. Needless to say, this book covers a lot of ground!

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