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KaddishDotCom.jpg - Nathan Englander

I am so excited to introduce my groups to this season.  Larry, the secular black sheep of his orthodox Jewish family, is faced with the obligation to recite Kaddish (the mourner’s prayer)  for his recently deceased father; but, for Larry to say Kaddish every day for eleven months, when he maybe doesn’t even believe in God?!  Larry, his sister, and even her Rabbi, all know that Larry cannot be counted on to fulfill his filial, spiritual responsibility to protect his father’s soul.  What to do? How to proceed?

The solution(ish):

And, down the rabbit hole we go!  As usual, Englander mingles laugh-out-loud humour with audacious irreverence, as he examines big-life questions about God, spirituality, technology, and the meaning of life and death in this paradoxical contemporary/traditional world.

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